Today: Jun 04 , 2020

A Living Room Concert: Denny Kuller

28 March 2020  

Tune in tonight at 5:30 to hear Denny Kuller straight from the eNews studios!

During this period of time where you can’t have more than 10 congregate, social distancing takes the place of hugs and staying home is the responsible thing to do – well, going to a concert venue is sadly out of the question. 

So, eNews is bringing concerts to you!

Last week, Brad Newman and the Grand Canyon Sand Band brought an evening of entertainment via Facebook Online. 

Tonight, at 5:30, we have Denny Kuller offering Country Gold music. As Kuller explains on his website, "I play Old Fashioned Country AND Western Music… I'm just an old Jukebox in the corner playin' the old songs, the way they're supposed to be played.”

Kuller has been playing since he got his first guitar at 13. He played in his first band at 14, even getting paid! He played his first bar at 15, and he’s been playing ever since. He lives in Skull Valley, but is well-known across Arizona, often hitching up one of his silver Airstreams and hitting the road. 

He’ll be bringing you ten original songs tonight, so pick up a dinner from a local takeout restaurant and gather ‘round the eNews Facebook page for a toe-tapping good time. 

This Living Room Concert starts at 5:30 tonight (Saturday).

Of course there’s no charge, but if you have some spare change, please donate it to a good cause or give someone an extra big tip! 

Here’s his promo video, just to give you a taste of how much you’ll enjoy tonight’s show!

Denny Kuller Website | Facebook | YouTube

If You Watch:

What: Living Room Concert
Who: Denny Kuller
Where: Online eNews Facebook page
Time: 5:30
Link: eNews Facebook



Lynne LaMaster

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