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Janis Joplin and Friends at the Elks Theatre

23 September 2019   Kristina Abbey

Khris Dodge Entertainment presented Janis Joplin and Friends at the Elks Theatre Saturday night.

“What song did you want to hear?” Lead singer Katherine Byrnes shouted into the microphone and the audience screamed in response. Then the band launched into the ever popular encore Bobby McGee. Saturday night on September 21st, The Elks Theatre hosted the show A Piece of My Heart: The Music of Janis Joplin and Friends (produced by Khris Dodge Entertainment) and the show lived up to all the expectations of true blue Janis Joplin fans. The show opened with the lively tune Moveover and then continued into Half Moon. The audience started out in their seats enjoying the tunes, but before long, several people were on their feet and dancing to the lively songs.


The band, made up of bassist and vocalist Petie Ronstadt, keyboardist and vocalist Paul Jenkins, drummer Paul Gibson, and guitarist and vocalist Ben Nesbit, all joined Katherine on stage for an exciting and dynamic show filled with classic tunes performed by Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Band, and so much more. Featured songs included White Rabbit, Piece of My Heart, and the ever popular classic Try.


Drummer1 web.jpg

Katherine herself is a huge fan of Janis Joplin and the various artists that were popular during the same time. She shared during the show how much she wished she could have been at Woodstock with her dad and thinks that some of the best music ever made came out of that time period. She shared stories about the backgrounds of some of the songs including how the Bee Gees wrote the song To Love Somebody for Otis Redding. In a show filled with wonderful Janis Joplin and friends songs, humor, and fantastic music anyone who was lucky enough to be at The Elks Theatre was treated to an amazing night.