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Williamson Valley Cell Tower Proposal Postponed for 1 Month

31 January 2019  

Williamson Valley Cell Tower Proposal Pulled from Board of Supervisors Agenda

There is an item on the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors agenda for February 6, 2019 that has been postponed until the March 6, 2019 meeting at the applicant’s request. 

The 2/6/19 agenda reads: Consideration of a Wireless Use Permit to allow for a 67' tall co-locatable pine tree with supporting equipment on a portion of an approximate 46.5-acre parcel. The subject parcel is located on the west side of North Williamson Valley Ranch Road in the Williamson Valley Community area.

On January 3, 2019, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted on a motion for recommendation of approval of the Wireless Use Permit, HA# H18050 with several stipulations provided. The motion to recommend approval passed 6-3, with Commissioner Lindner, Commissioner Ellegood and Commissioner Griffis opposed.

Due in part to the fact that there has been substantial interest in the location of this cell tower project, including several letters in opposition to and petitions in support of this project, the project coordinators have chosen to postpone the hearing for one month so that they can consider alternative locations for the antenna.