Today: Aug 19 , 2019

Yavapai Landscaping Whittles Nominations Down to 10 Finalists

17 January 2019  

Someone is going to get a FREE $4500 landscaping project. 

As part of the spirit of the holiday season, Yavapai Landscaping asked for nominations for someone to get a FREE $4500 landscaping project to a local resident in need. Prescott eNews ran an article on their offer a few days after Christmas. 

Now, a couple of weeks and more than 100 entries later, they have closed the nominations and announced 10 finalists. 

  • Victoria Starr 
  • Donna Dotzler
  • Lynette Baker Hoyt
  • Heidi Burke
  • Jenn and Tom Ashcraft
  • Alyssa Gilbert Gholson
  • Erica Jenkins
  • Esther Martinez
  • Jim Guth
  • Jan and Bill Miedecke

So, the finalists will be sending in photos of the area they wish to have landscaped, redone or repaired, and describing what they hope to have done. 

The plan is to announce the winner at the end of the month. 

Watch the Yavapai Landscaping Facebook page for further developments!

As Ted Ferris said,"Once again, thank you everyone for the nominations, and together we can make Yavapai County better and more beautiful!!!"

Lynne LaMaster

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