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How to Get the Election Results Tonight

06 November 2018   Darron Moffat, Arizona SOS Office

Expect to see initial results shortly after 8 PM.

Arizona’s General Election results will be posted to the website shortly after 8pm tonight, November 6th. The first batch of results will be of early ballots mailed to County Recorders prior to today. We expect there to be a delay between the first batch of results and the second update as the counties begin to process polling locations votes after 8pm.

As a reminder, voters can lineup at their polling location until 7pm. Any voter that is in line prior to 7pm will be allowed to vote, no matter how long the line is. Any voter who shows up after 7pm will be turned away.

We also expect more than 100,000 early ballots to be dropped off at polling locations throughout the day. The counties will begin processing these ballots tomorrow, November 7th. Once the counties are able to verify signatures and verify the validity of each early ballot over the coming days, they will begin posting updated results. We expect this to last for some time.