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May 10: No Speeding on 69 Day

06 May 2018   Officer Jerry Ferguson

Drivers beware. May 10 has been designated, “No Speeding on 69 Day.” And it probably won't end there.

Speed has been a significant contributor to a number of serious accidents and fatalities on State Route 69 in the Prescott Valley area.  

Field research has shown that average speeds often trend to 65 mph or higher.  When this factor is coupled with the large number of vehicles present, a higher likelihood of collisions occurs.

In an effort to encourage an overall reduction in speed in the greatest number of vehicles, officers from the Prescott Valley Police Department, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office will be strictly enforcing speed limits in this area on May 10, 2018.

On this day, and at other times to be designated, officers will be issuing citations for all excessive speed, including speeds between 55 and 70 mph.

This action is motivated by the desire to see fewer collisions and injuries on what has been a dangerous section of our highways. Our hope is to see an increased compliance with the posted 55 mph limit.

Should anyone see erratic or reckless driving, contact law enforcement immediately.

Prescott Valley Police Department can be contacted at (928) 772-9267 for non-emergencies, 911 for emergencies.