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Mayor Kuykendall To Have Heart Surgery This Morning

12 November 2010  

Updated: Message from family; also Mayor Kuykendall is resting following quintuple heart bypass surgery.


UPDATE, 3:00 pm: The family of Mayor Kuykendall wishes to express their deep appreciation for all the prayers and outpouring of community support. 

They also want to acknowledge the excellent care Mayor Kuykendall received at both hospitals. "Everything is so professional," his son, Pat Kuykendall said. "Each person went above and beyond in their care of my dad. It was first class all the way."

OFFICIAL UPDATE, from Kim Kapin, Prescott City Communications Director:

1:11 PM:

Marlin Kuykendall’s family has announced that the mayor is resting comfortably following a successful three and one half hour quintuple bypass surgery.

The family requests that well wishers forward correspondence to Prescott City Hall, 201 S. Cortez St. Prescott, AZ 86302.  Cards and flowers will be delivered to the mayor by city staff.


PRESCOTT, AZ (Nov. 12, 2010 9:15 a.m.)   -- At approximately 8 a.m. this morning Prescott Mayor Marlin Kuykendall, 76, underwent bypass surgery at YavapaiRegional Medical Center.  The surgery is expected to last several hours.

We will release further details as the family makes them available.

In the interim, Mayor Pro-Tem, Councilman Jim Lamerson will fulfill Kuykendall’s duties.  For biographical information on Mr. Lamerson, visit:



A few months ago, Mayor Marlin Kuykendall, who hadn't ridden a bike in years, climbed aboard a bicycle to pedal around town for Bike to Work with the Mayor Day. The turnout for the event was the largest they had enjoyed for several years, and all had a great time.

Today, Mayor Kuykendall faces a much bigger challenge. 

Yesterday, as he was getting ready to judge the Veteran's Day Parade, he suffered a heart attack.

This morning, Kuykendall will undergo bypass surgery. Details are sketchy, but we'll keep you updated as we hear more. 

In the meantime, both the Mayor and his wife, Tana, want to express their deepest gratitude to the professional personnel at the Bob Stump Veteran's Memorial Center. As soon as a policeman (whose name they didn't learn) was made aware of the situation, he insisted that Mayor Kuykendall and his wife get into his vehicle, and he took them straight to the hospital on the grounds of the VA. At that point, the Mayor was sent by ambulance to Yavapai Regional Medical Center. 

"The staff and personnel at the VA were just great, and knew exactly what to do," Tana said. "We are so appreciative their quick response."

Tana also had nothing but praise for the treatment provided at YRMC. "Everyone has taken such good care of Marlin, and we have absolute confidence in the doctors and the care he is receiving."

The Mayor will be unable to receive phone calls or visitors for several days. The family requests that no flowers be sent, because Mayor Kuykendall will be unable to enjoy them at this time in ICU. Cards may be sent to:

Mayor Marlin Kuykendall c/o City Hall
201 S. Cortez
Prescott, AZ   86303

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