Today: Sep 20 , 2018

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Ken Lain describes his trip through the stunning Desert Botanical Gardens, made even more spectacular with the addition of the Chihuly Glass Exhibit.

Two Men From Illinois

Spending? Stimulus? 2050 plan? Those folks from Illinois don't seem to blink an eye at spending lots and lots of taxpayer money.wilsonobama3

Times are scary in the financial world, but they're survivable. Here's a checklist to keep you on the right track.

Paper or plastic is the question of the day.

Bowling for Kids does far more than benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. It builds relationships for kids in our communities.

Gone Fishing

gf-fighting_with_goliath_300wAn epic struggle to catch Goliath the pike is the centerpiece of the beautiful short film "Going Fishing" from director Chris Jones which won Best Short Film at the Sedona International Film Festival.