Today: Sep 20 , 2018

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If you look beyond the headlines, you can actually find some reasons to believe that brighter days lie ahead.

Did you solve the crossword puzzle on Sunday?  Check your answers here -  or just find out what  that tricky  8 Down is...puzzlethumb

Rosemary: It's beautiful, lusious and green, and it can adorn your garden for years to come. And it's great to cook with, too.

Tax Increases On The Way?

Today, Arizona borrowed money for the first time ever in order to make payroll. What's next? Tax increases? taxincrease3

Wanting to market your business locally, and not sure where to start? Larry offers quick and easy tips for local business owners to tap into online marketing tools.

Who's Got the Upper Hand in Big Chino?

Who's got the upper hand in the Big Chino Pipeline saga? Maybe a more pertinent question would be, who are the players, anyway?welldonethumb