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Hrin: Statement About Lawsuit & Flyers

04 August 2017   Mary Beth Hrin

Dark Money Corrupts Mayor Election

Press Release re Mary Beth Hrin v. Max Fose and Controlled Entities of Max Fose

Dark money invades Prescott mayor election, as indicated by the Verified Complaint.

See article: Lawsuit Filed In Search Of Dark Money Sources

Background. My name is Mary Beth Hrin. I am a former Philadelphia police officer who was injured and forced to retire with a disability. I loved law enforcement so much that I then went

to law school and became a lawyer so that I could continue in that field, which I did in Philadelphia City Attorney's Office for years. I moved to Prescott years ago and I love this community so much that I wanted to contribute to it by serving the public as an elected official. I plan to use my law enforcement and attorney background plus my long municipal experience to help Prescott heal its financial problems and recover financially. I am running for Mayor of the City of Prescott.

"Dark money," designed to keep the source of the money secret, is being used to spread outrageously false statements about me. A man named Max Fose, is the President and CEO of IWS (Integrated Web Strategies) and is Executive Director for the Arizona Voter Education Project, Inc. ("AVEP"), a non-profit corporation (which had its "non-profit" status revoked on May 15, 2015 by the IRS). AVEP is indicated on both of the Defamatory Flyers/Ads to have contracted with IWS to very recently send out by mass mailing the following false, slanderous, and sensational statements about me, among others, so soon before the August 29th election:

"Mary Beth Hrin FLEECED Arizona Taxpayers."
"Mary Beth Hrin claims to be a 'voice of the people,' but the truth is she stiffed Arizona Taxpayers for more than $15,000."
"Say NO to Politicians who take advantage of Prescott Taxpayers."
"Say NO to Mary Beth Hrin."

The "supporting proof' for this accusation is a partial photo of just the first page of a 2012 AHCCCS lien naming as "Name of Patient: Mary Beth Hrin." Omitted from that limited photo is page 2, which explains that the lien of AHCCCS is not against me but against any potential recovery I might have gotten against "Adverse Party." This lien claim was never valid because there is no Adverse Party, and now AHCCCS has released it. If it had been valid, it was never a claim against me. [This is all explained more fully in the Verified Complaint I have just filed against Max Fose and his companies. Jensen Law Firm, P.C. will supply copies on request.]

Initial investigation by my lawyers, Chris Jensen and Sean Phelan, indicates that Max Fose, for a "dark money" fee believed to be a significant amount because mass mailings are expensive, mailed by U.S. Mail these harmful lies about me to the IWS voters mail list in Prescott in order to attempt to destroy my chance of being elected mayor of Prescott.

The actual source of the "dark money" used to hire Max Fose, IWS and the "Arizona Voter Education Project" of Max Fose, remains secret for now. I will not accuse anyone other than Max Fose and his companies until I get more proof. I mean to find out who is really behind this "dirty politics" attack on my character, which is based on a series of blatant lies.

I appeal to the voters of Prescott not to let this blatantly false attack on my character, which was designed and timed to do the most harm to me so soon before the August 29 election, to cause them to vote against me. I cannot yet learn the secret "dark money" information being shielded by Max Fose and his companies so as to learn who the true source of the money that paid him is.

Is democracy for sale? Are the local political activists who are practicing dirty politics in the Mayor election going to be allowed to succeed by means of lies and dark money? Vote for me instead.

I appeal to the voters to look to the truth. My Verified Complaint shows that I am being intentionally attacked with mass mailings of poisonously false accusations about my character on the eve of the election. I am suing Max Fose to discover which local political activists are hiding behind his shield(s). The public needs to know where the dark money came from that is paying for such dirty politics. I mean to expose these dirty politicians and/or political manipulators who are trying to torpedo the chances of an honest and hard-working "voice of the people" candidate who they mean to shut up. I won't shut up, I will find out who the dirty politicians are who are behind this coward's attack, and I ask for the vote of anyone who cares about the truth.

Voters, please ask yourselves:

  • Who is behind these "dirty politics" attacks on me?
  • Why would they spend so much to target me?
  • Why are they using secrecy shields provided by Max Fose?
  • Who having any connection with the Mayor of Prescott election stands to benefit by undermining my election campaign with mass mailing lies?

Please look to the proof of truth, and hold the liars accountable.