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Outlaw Donuts

21 November 2019   Shawn Shipley

Shawn Shipley reviews Outlaw Donuts.

I wanna be an Outlaw. I wanna ride the range, plundering and pillaging. I want... a parrot who speaks only in Latin. But, what I most want, what I really... really want... are Donuts! Soft pillows of sugary goodness. Apple Fritters stuffed with so many apples, that after you take a bite, your eyes roll back in your head.

So, you see, I love donuts. But not just any donuts. We are talking about Outlaw Donuts. You haven't had Outlaw Donuts you say? Well, you need to get these in your life. Apple Fritters the size of a dinner plate. Bear Claws the size of.... well, Bear Claws. Bismarks, cake donuts, old fashioned sour cream donuts. Donuts filled with your favorite Boston Cream, Lemon, Cherry and Grapefruit. Ok, no Grapefruit. They even have donuts topped with your favorite cereal! Like Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles.. or Oat Bran if you are over 100.

Now, they also have something I probably should not tell you about. Maple Bacon bismarks! That's right. Take a Maple bar and cover it in bacon! You heard that right. Everything good about maple and everything good about bacon, all rolled into one.

Outlaw donuts1 web.jpg

Well, you say, "They are all the way over in the same shopping center as Park Plaza. What are we supposed to do over here in Prescott Valley?" Good Question! But they have a food truck. Yesiree Bob! It shows up on Saturday in the Pet Headquarters parking lot at 2710 N Glassford Hill Rd.. Check their website as they may move the truck around.

food truck web.jpg

Now, let's say you don't have a sweet tooth and hate donuts. Well, then you are an alien and need to leave the planet. But let's say you don't. What else do they have? Well, at the store, they also have Egg and Cheese Croissants, as well as breakfast burritos. These can be found in the store as well as the food truck. I have had them and they are pretty darned good.

Egg and Cheese web.jpg

They also have food on the food truck. Pulled pork, hot links, chicken sandwiches and ribs. a veritable carnivore's delight. They have coffee to pick you up and get you moving. All of these can be found on the food truck.

Now, here is a pro tip – they have limited amounts of the donuts on the truck. So get there early to get the best selection. Do not get the Apple Fritters, at least until I get mine.

So, where are we gonna find you in the morning or afternoon? They close at 4 pm. We better find you at the Outlaw Donuts store or truck.

4 well-deserved snouts

Outlaw Donuts is at 414 S. Goodwin Street, in the corner. Their website is Outlaw Donuts where you can see a full menu.