Today: Mar 28 , 2020
Ken Lain, the Mountain Gardener

Ken Lain, the Mountain Gardener

Ken Lain is attracted to sunshine, beauty, happiness, success and health through gardening, and wishes to point the way to others. Throughout the week Ken can be found at Watters Garden Center located at 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd, Prescott, or contacted through his web site at

Yes, it's really fall. Already. Can you believe it? And, it's a super time to garden.

Highlights of Mountain Gardening

Gardening for Newcomers - with some great information for those that have been here a while, too!

Mountain Planting Done Right

It's time to plant!

What Happened to My Tomato Plants?

Ken Lain tells us how to take care of spider mites.

Trees for the Best Shade Ever

It's the time of the year fro shade.

Attracting butterflies isn't that hard with these tips from Ken.

Create a Flowerbed for Mom

It's Mother's Day weekend, and a great place to start the celebration is in your local Garden Center.

It's tomato time!

Is It Dead?

Ken Lain helps us identify which plants survived the winter. Of course, in some cases, it may be just some of the branches that are dead, rather than the entire plant. Here's how to tell what's dead and what's alive:

Click on 'Dim Lights' to see the video in a larger format.

Ok, so when do I need to start watering?