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Lazy On-a-Budget Fashion

25 March 2017  

Who says lazy can’t  look good?

Let me give you a look at my average morning before work (starting at 10 AM, and I stop to buy some fruit and nuts for lunch after I leave the house):

9:00AM- Alarm goes off, snooze
9:07 AM- Alarm goes off (again), snooze
9:14AM- Wake up
9:20AM- Finally get out of bed
9:22AM- Brush teeth
9:25AM- Get dressed
9:30 AM- Try to find shoes
9:34 AM- Shoes found, put them on
9:36 AM- Frantically make sure I have my chargers, papers, notes, and computer
9:40 AM- Leave for work
9:41 AM- Realize I left my keys
9:42 AM- ACTUALLY leave for work (keys in hand)

I optimistically plan about 40 minutes for my morning routine, but usually, succumb to the tempting warmth and coziness of my bed. With the remaining 20 minutes, I need to get ready from start to finish before I am out the door and on my way. 

I also have a very limited makeup routine for my day-to-day, mostly because I’m lazy and Ulta is too intimidating for me. This cuts my morning routine in half, allowing for more snoozing. 

Fashion doesn't have to be hard, and this is a super easy look that will make you seem like you’ve got your life together and like you didn’t contemplate calling in sick just so you didn’t have to leave the comfort of your bed. 

For those of you who are like me and have very little willpower to wake up in the morning, but don’t want to make the choice between fashion and sleep; let me help you out with a classic outfit. 

A monochrome look always screams chic and sophisticated. This look does all the work for you, making it easy to step out and strut your stuff. 

Not only that, but the polka dots are such a fun print that it fits in well with modern spring season fashion. 

Here are the pieces I wore in this outfit: 

  •  Shirt: Button Up Polka Dot from Forever 21

I bought this at Forever21RED, which is essentially an outlet store, so I don’t believe this exact shirt is still in stock, but there is a similar one from H&M for $19.99.

  •  Skirt: Black Joe B Skater Skirt

This is a very flattering shape on many women, and, in my opinion, it is a staple to the modern wardrobe. You can find a good quality skirt from Charlotte Russe here for $16.99.

I work in a pretty casual office, so this skirt length works for me. If this is too short for you, you can’t go wrong with a simple pencil skirt.

  •  Shoes: Forever Pointed Lace Up Flats

I bought these at TJ Maxx, and don’t think that they are currently in production. Here are some really cute alternatives:

Strappy Faux Suede Flats from Forever21 for $19.90.

Mossimo Pointed Toe Lace-Up Ballet Flats from Target for $24.99.

  •  Watch: Voulez Vous in Rose Gold with a Grey Denim band

 I bought this from Fashion Q in Tempe Marketplace for a discounted $10, but you can find an almost identical watch on Groupon for $10.99 here.

If you want to see more of Fashion Q’s style and products, here’s their Facebook page.

*I am in no way affiliated with the products above, nor do I receive sponsorship money for featuring their products. 


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