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Bill's Daily Roundup: Monday & Tuesday

16 December 2008  
Here's the Daily Roundup for Monday and Tuesday - due to technological quirks, we're combining them this week!
A 79-year-old lady accidentally ran into this building.

How Shall We Order the Names?

A lottery drawing is scheduled to take place in Chino Valley today. The lottery is to determine the order that Council names will be placed on the March tenth, 2009 ballot. According to Town Clerk Jami Lewis, per law, candidate names are to be listed in alphabetical order and the names rotated on the ballots. The Yavapai County Elections Division intends to rotate the Mayoral and Council candidate names five times, which will leave one Council candidate without a rotation at the top of the list. For such situations, the law also allows the town to hold a drawing of the candidate names, in lieu of the alphabetical listing. The Town opted for the lottery two years ago and has opted to do the same this year. The drawing starts at ten at Town Hall, which has new hours starting today. Hours are eight am to five pm weekdays. Development Services and Public Works will still start at seven thirty.

Slash Piles to Be Burned This Week

Prescott National Forest fire managers are expected to burn slash piles this week. Fifty acres of accumulated slash piles will be treated in the Groom Creek and Spruce Mountain area and in the Iron Springs and Highland Pines area, today through Friday weather conditions permitting. The piles will be monitored and allowed to completely burn themselves out. Smoke may be visible for numerous days in the surrounding areas. Verde Ranger District officials have announced Forest Road 104 on Mingus Mountain will be closed for the winter. The closure, which starts today, is just past Forest Road 413, the Allen Springs Junction and will prevent vehicle access to Mingus Lake and the Mingus Day Use Area. The road is scheduled to reopen next Spring when weather and road conditions are favorable.

Big News About the Sundogs

Consolidated Sports Holdings Incorporated has purchased the Arizona Sundogs Hockey Club. Consolidated Sports will take over the day to day operations of the Club beginning immediately. According to President Bill Yuill, the company is assuming control of the ongoing Sundogs operation, complete with management, staff and a players’ roster that has been a successful franchise for the last three years. Consolidated Sports has been involved in minor league baseball for many years. The Sundogs franchise will complement the organization that operates the major junior hockey franchise, the Everett, Washington Silvertips of the Western Hockey League. Sundogs players Derek Legault and AJ MacLean are scheduled to be at the Prescott Gateway Mall from one to three today, to help encourage visitors to participate in the Christmas Angel program.

The President’s Cup Champion Arizona Sundogs have finished their two week road trip with two losses. After Arizona defeated the Rocky Mountain Rage five to four in a shootout Wednesday night, the Rage got some payback two nights later. Rocky Mountain took a one to nothing lead in the first period Friday, but in the second both teams combined for six goals, including two separated by forty-four seconds from Arizona. The Rage took a four to three lead and ended up winning five to three. On Saturday, the Sundogs closed out its road trip with a match-up against the Colorado Eagles. The two teams combined for ten power play goals, doing so for the first time since a 2005 contest between the Amarillo Gorillas and the Laredo Bucks. The Eagles tallied two even strength goals in the final period, proving to be the difference in the seven to five win.

Progress on Gurley Street

Gurley Street road repairs are scheduled to start this week. Arizona Department of Transportation officials report widening operations on the north side of Gurley, between Sheldon and Rush Streets, are complete. Weather permitting, crews will be moving into the center lane to begin repairs to the roadbed.

This work will require trenching operations in the center turn lane. ADOT Resident Engineer Andy Roth explains what other improvements are scheduled to occur as part of the highways eighty-nine and sixty-nine intersection project:

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Roth adds the project is going well:

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Crews have already completed widening operations on the north side of Gurley, between Sheldon and Rush. Traffic will be shifted to accommodate the Gurley widening work, and traffic control will remain in effect twenty-four hours a day until repairs are complete within four to six weeks.

General Plan Advisory Committee for Dewey-Humboldt

The Dewey-Humboldt General Plan Advisory Committee meets for the first time today. Items on the three pm agenda include an Open Meeting overview, the Plan’s purpose, formation and initial briefing of the Committee, appointment of a Committee Chair and Vice Chair, Plan components, elements and goals and objectives; the Town’s Vision 2028 and an implementation program. This ad hoc committee was formed after a proposal to put the Town’s first General Plan in place failed in last month’s general election. The meeting will be held in Town Hall.

Higher Winter Bills From Unisource

Unisource Energy Services is expecting higher winter bills for Yavapai County residents. Officials indicate due to increases in the price Unisource pays for natural gas, the cost of gas service this winter is expected to be between eight and sixteen percent higher than it was last winter. The per therm cost of service could rise as high as one dollar and twenty-four cents this month. Prices are set to increase two cents in January, one cent in February, four cents in March and one cent in April, increasing the service cost to one dollar and thirty-two cents at that point. Last winter, the cost fluctuated between one dollar and nine cents and one dollar and sixteen cents due in part to a purchased gas adjustor credit that reduced gas costs by four cents per therm.

No, Not the Accelerator

A woman driving a minivan caused significant damage to the Prescott Regional Communications Center. Yesterday morning at nine fifteen, the seventy-nine year old woman was pulling into a parking space in front of the Cortez Street center when she accidentally hit the accelerator. She struck the center, causing damage to the two metal front doors and the frame around them. There was also some damage inside the entry way to the Center. Police Lieutenant Ken Morley says there were no operational problems:

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The Center serves nine Police and Fire agencies in the Prescott area. The Center is functioning normally at this time and no injuries were reported.

Gateway Mall Thieves Being Sought

Two Prescott Gateway Mall thieves are being sought by Prescott Police. Last Saturday night at eight thirty, a male suspect wearing a hooded sweatshirt walked into the JC Penney’s store and demanded cash. According to the clerk, the suspect said he would shoot him if he didn’t comply. There was no weapon displayed during the robbery. After the clerk handed over the cash from his drawer, the suspect ran out of the south side doors and got into a dark colored four door compact car.

Another person was driving the car and it appeared it pulled up in front of the doors as a getaway vehicle. The suspect is described as a white male, late teen or early twenties, five feet ten inches tall with a medium build. He also had a scab on his left cheek, possibly from a shaving cut. There is no description of the second suspect.

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