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Forum Offers First Hand Look at Candidates

02 October 2014  

Who is running for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board? What do they want to do? How will they balance the budget? What do they think of Common Core?


These questions and more were all discussed Tuesday evening at the forum for the PUSD Governing Board candidates. 

The forum began with the candidates each giving a brief bio and explanation as to why they were running for the office, and what they believed they could contribute to the District. 

Dr. Maureen Erickson, who is an incumbent, spoke of her interest in partnering with local businesses to prepare students for careers. 

John Lamerson is currently a consultant, and interested in the budget process. He has a great deal of experience in budgets and procurement. Greg Mengarelli has 7 kids who have attended, or are attending Prescott public schools.  He believes it is important to invest in kids. 

David Stringer is an attorney and a small businessman. He is also a volunteer for many organizations and boards, including Prescott women's shelter and the  City of Prescott P&Z committee. 

Watch the intros here:


The first question discusses the budget and how best to 'right-size' the district. Each candidate was given two minutes to answer the question. 



Another monetary question - does the State of Arizona adequately fund public education? Why or why not? Somehow this raveled into a discussion as to whether or not money makes education better.



A trending hot topic for this election season is what is known as Common Core. What do the candidates think about it? 




An element of Common Core is what is known as 'High Stakes Testing'. Is it a good thing or bad? 


After that, the audience got a chance to ask some questions. First up, do you support closing schools and if so, which one?



The governing board's responsibilities include setting the budget and policy, also supervising the administration. Are the candidates up for those job duties?



Is teacher pay too high? Is it high enough to retain good staff?



Is it possible to get community support from the elderly population? How?



And finally, the candidates sum it all up. 



In taking lots of photos, it's possible to get some interesting expressions on their faces. This is all in good fun - enjoy! 

And by the way, to whoever chose that color for the wall in a cafeteria, it is really, really green!


Boy, she looks just like a School Marm! 


John Lamerson's got the eyebrow thing going. 


Yeah, ok. Uh huh, uh huh, what???


Yes, I really mean it. Really. Wait, are you serious?



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