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PHS Math Team Places 3rd at NAU Math Day Competition

05 November 2013   Sherry Baca

PHS students faced tough competition and came home with a well-earned 3rd place. 

Twenty students from the PHS Math Club traveled to Northern Arizona University (NAU) on October 31, 2013, for the annual NAU Math Day Competition. Over 150 students from 15 high schools attended this event. Local high schools in attendance were Bradshaw Mountain, BASIS from Flagstaff, Desert Edge, Flagstaff, Flagstaff Home Educators, Joseph City, Estrella Foothills, Monument Valley, Northland Preparatory, Orme School, Prescott, Sedona Red Rock, Tri-City Prep, Westwood and Winslow. Math Club sponsors Sherry Baca and Andrea Frysinger accompanied the students.

Students formed teams of three or four to compete in the team round consisting of 10 questions. Following the team competition each student attended two seminars featuring speakers on mathematics topics. The seminars this year were:

Repeating Yourself Isn't Always a Dad Thing

A review of some basic ideas related to complex number and seeing how these lead to extremely interesting geometric objects known as fractals.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers...Are They Correct?

Investigation of the pattern of numbers on a UPC code and ISBN code. This delves into the world of modular arithmetic.

How to Lie With Numbers

This presentation discussed how we can tell if Greece was lying about it's budget numbers, or if someone has been writing fraudulent checks, with the help of a surprising and non-intuitive result known as Benford's Law.

The Infinity Hotel and Other Frightening Mathematical Aberrations

The talk explored the vagueness of the term "infinity" and presented some scary paradoxes that result from abusing the concept of infinity.

The last event of the day was the Face Off where the top scoring team from the top eight high schools competed in a College Bowl type round. At the end of the competition prizes were awarded to the top two teams in the Face Off and the top three teams from the Team Round.


1st place Orme School
2nd place Westwood High School

TEAM ROUND (Out of about 50 teams)

1st place Orme School's Team " The Warriors"
2nd place Westwood High School's Team "The Mathletes"
3rd place Prescott High School's Team "Loquatious Logarithm"


(From front to back): 

 Sarah Russo, Emilie Ryan-Castillo
Katie Bradstreet, Naomi Worob, Odessa Clugston, Gabriel Riegner, Demi Corkery
Rhen Davis, Jessyca Thomas, Kelly Liu, Jordan Twombly Ellis, Alyxandra Perlak
Quentin Kreyling,Emma Dahl, Kye Davis, Jordyn Burkett
Igor Chisalita, Joshua Marshall
Jeffrey Malone, Connor Dinh