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Homecoming Week Parade

27 September 2013   Ron Williams and Lynne LaMaster

Prescott loves an excuse for a parade, and Homecoming Week is as good a reason as any!

Carrying out a longstanding tradition, the route started at Prescott Mile High Middle School and wound around Carlton, Montezuma, Goodwin Street, Cortez, Gurley and back to Montezuma. The entire parade didn't take much longer than 20 minutes, but it was good fun to see the students piled onto floats and firetrucks as they greeted the town residents ready to cheer them on. 

Returning to PMHMS, students then gathered around a huge bonfire, carefully guarded by Prescott Fire Department personnel. (Note to PFD: Thank you!)

To show they mean business tomorrow night, students tossed the first (and only) victim on the bonfire – a paper mache' mascot of the opposing team: a Thunderbird. The band played, the students cheered with great spirit as the flames soared into the sky.

After that daring deed was accomplished, students honored the American flag along with the school choir as they sang the Star Spangled Banner. That's another thing about Prescott. We're quite a patriotic community. 

For the rest of the evening, it was dancing, singing and general revelry around the bonfire. 

As the night sky darkened, and the flames became smoldering ashes, students left the scene, knowing in their hearts that they are ready to face the mighty Thunderbirds for Homecoming.

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