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PHS Rubik's Cube Team Wins State Championship

21 March 2012  

In their first State Championship ever, the Prescott team brought home first prize.

You may not have known this, but Prescott High School has a new State championship team. They don't play on a field, or toss a ball to a mitt or through a hoop. They don't have rackets or bats; they don't wear cleats or singlets. But, when they compete, they can - and do - dazzle their competition, winning in just a few minutes. 4:21 to be exact.

The team is the Prescott Rubik's Cube Club. On February 25, 2012, seven students went to their very first state-wide competition at Arizona State University, the "You Can Do the Rubik's Cube".

The prize they were competing for? $500.

How to win? Collectively, as a team, solve 25 Rubik's Cubes.

The teammates range in age from 14 - 18, but, don't let that distract you. They really know how to handle their Rubik's Cubes, even under pressure:

  • Team Captain Jonathan Pierson, 18 (his friends call him Gepetto)
  • Tyler Morgan, 17
  • Brandon Klever, 14
  • Nick Vernon, 17
  • Adam Schilperoort, 17
  • Caed Allen, 16
  • Brynjar Snow, 16

Pierson, who is now a Senior, explained he got started playing with Rubik's Cubes, because, "I used to live in Peeple's Valley and all I did was solve Rubik's Cubes out there. We were in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing out there except dirt and a gas station. I mean it's pretty and all, but when you're a teenager with dial-up internet and have to commute an hour to and from school, it isn't so nice."

But, that all changed. "I live in Prescott now, that's what allowed me to start the club in the first place! I have super fast internet now, ITS AMAZING," Pierson wrote in a Facebook message.

As he practiced, Pierson got really, really good at solving Rubik's Cubes. How good? "I have the fastest time on the team," Pierson said. "My fastest offical time during a competition is 14.68 seconds."

It turns out that this is a very cool skill to have. "I've been in a bunch of talent shows from my High School to the Yavapai College one and even at NAU. I went to a different competition before this, where I placed 7th with an average of 5 solves being 17.90 seconds."

When asked how this club got started, Pierson said, "I started it because I wanted to spread the joy of solving cubes, and I've always wanted to start a club. I started my freshman year with a basic beginners solution that came with the cube. Through high school I have learned new methods and techniques to get faster."

Now, Pierson is coaching his teammates and sharing his tricks. "Everybody on the team is getting faster and faster as I coach them throughout the process. I think it's amazing that some members like Brandon Klever and Tyler Morgan have already gotten faster than I was when I was doing it as long as they have been."

According to Pierson, they are a sub-section of the Math Club. Their main faculty advisor is Ms. Andrea Frysinger, and Mrs. Sherry Baca is the co-advisor, who offered more than simply encouragement. "I really want to thank Ms. Frysinger and Mrs. Baca for allowing us to have this opportunity. Mrs. Baca bought the Rubik's Cubes that we needed for the competition."

A total of seven teammates went to the competition. They were supposed to have eight competitors, but Pierson explained that one guy got sick that day, "so we were short one person."

Despite that handicap, the Prescott team came in first place, solving all 25 Rubik's Cubes in just 4:21.

"We beat second place by a whole minute," Pierson said. Although, he didn't sound totally satisfied, "That time was about a minute slower than we were in practice."

Yes, folks. They really can do the Rubik's Cube.

Watch them in competition here as they take first place in Arizona (video courtesy of Jacob Klever):


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