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Northpoint Students Arrive Safely in Cambodia

08 May 2010   Traveler Updates

Northpoint students arrive safely in Cambodia - after a 38 hour trip.

Jake displays a familiar looking can.

Travel along with the students from Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy as they explore Cambodia. While you can sit comfortably in front of your computer at home during the journey, these students left Prescott on Wednesday afternoon, flying first to Los Angeles, then to Taipei, Taiwan. From Taiwan, they flew into Thailand, and then directly into Cambodia - 38 hours of flying/waiting in airports travel pleasure. 

We'll keep you updated on their adventures and explorations.

May 7, 2010, from Jake (a student): 

Dear Families,

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It has been a long 38 hours of flying and traveling but we finally got here. We have not forgotten anyone surprisingly with all the layovers and plane changes. The 13hr flight wasn't that bad and the food was a little different. Most of us slept but a select few weren't able to sleep but watched movies the whole flight, and I am not talking about lame movies, but rather new movies that just came out.

After ariving in Taipei and finding our gate, we sat down for 2 hours waiting for our plane to Bangkok. Then we went on another flight for three hours, and arrived at one of the coolest airports. Every thing is very pretty and modernized but still maintains culture. After 3 hours of waiting we finnally got on our last plane to Cambodia.

When we arrived, we met with Chris, who is our Rustic Pathways guide, who put us on this bus and headed over to the hotel. On the way there I thought we were going to hit every person on the road. It is so crazy that it seems that there are no rules but rather a basic understanding of things. Everyone is on a moped or motorcycle with some cars. So after our little ride over to the hotel we were finally able to take a shower and change clothes. Then 40 minutes later when we are all a little refreshed, we headed over to Bojangles to eat. We all picked a different meal and ate off of eat others' and it is so weird that a full meal costs only like $3 rather than the $7-8 you would get in the U.S. Near the end, every one was on the verge of collapsing while even a few were falling asleep in their chairs. After getting back, every one just hit the sack for a well deserved rest.

Students sit in the airport, waiting for their next destination.

Now we are off to see more of the town, head over to the Killing Fields, and I think some temples.

Editor's Note: Despite the last minute decision to detour to Cambodia, the students worked hard to prepare for their trip. With barely one week's notice of the change in destination, they watched movies about Cambodia, checked out websites and read books on relevant topics. Each student was required to purchase a book in advance, which they planned to share with one another on the trip, so they would have some advance knowledge of what they were going to see. One of their main focus areas for a "cram study" session was on the Killing Fields, a subject which touched them deeply as they did their advance research.


May 6, 2010, from instructor Brendan Haggerty:

Hello Supportive Families! 

We have arrived safely in Taipei.  Most of us slept a fair share and spent a good amount of time reading.

Beyond that, he simply gave information on how to reach them in the event of an emergency and phone numbers for their three guides.