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Northpoint Academy Receives $230K Grant

27 April 2010   Geneva Saint-Amour, Director of Northpoint Academy

Northpoint School Director Geneva Saint-Amour announces a $230K grant; also provides information about expansion of programs, athletics and more.

nelaoverlapI am proud to announce that Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy- a college-prep, charter high school has been awarded $230,000 in the AZCSIP grant process. This is an award of Federal funds that can be renewed two more times (yes, over 600K) by this school. These funds are to be used for start-up purchases including advertising, marketing, business services, technology and more. 

Thank you for your steady support of this exciting new charter school in Prescott, Arizona.


The purpose of the Arizona Charter School Incentive Program is to increase the number of high quality charter schools in Arizona, particularly those serving students most at risk in rural and urban settings, improve student achievement to high academic standards in AZCSIP schools, and to improve high school student achievement and graduation rates in AZCSIP schools.

Arizona's initial award is for $14,024,105 for the first two years (8/09-7/31/2011). However, the ADE applied for $53,737,071 total over 5 years. We believe that as long as the state is accomplishing the grant's goals, chances are we will be entitled the full amount we applied for.

The schools selected have a variety of strategies to improve pupil achievement. All of them have data driven strategies to continuously monitor student progress and in-house programs to align school staff with enhanced outcomes.

Much of the funding will go to support the material startup expenditures of opening a school. At the same time, considerable funding will go to building leadership and staff capacity to create school-wide cultures of learning.

Contract Amount:

Not to exceed $230,000 per school; $4,694,000 total for 2010.

More Great News

In addition to the great news about the start-up grant we would also like to announce the following:

Facility - Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy- a college-prep, charter high school- will be leasing the Dexter facility at 551 First Street from Prescott Unified School District. This arrangement will have NELA in the front building and cafeteria, while a few PUSD programs occupy the back building/upstairs. We are thrilled to be cooperating with the district in this way!

Calendar/Schedule changes - NELA will be operating on a 4 day school week next year (pending Board approval). This will allow us to meet classes for full days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the exception of a few "special" weeks of the year. We will have 5 day weeks from August 16 to Labor Day, and again for January Intensives and May Intensives. This unique schedule is perfect for the Expeditionary Learning program that we implement at NELA. The daily schedule will be 8:30 to 3:30 with a 25 minute lunch period (closed campus). We will be publishing the calendar shortly so you can review the exact plans. For now, plan on starting classes on August 16 (one week later than area schools) and wrapping up the year by Memorial Day with a Fall Break and Spring Break aligning with area schools. More to come!!

Transportation - Options for school transportation are still being investigated. We are posting a carpooling list on the new website. We are looking into area transportation services that would run a route from the two major outlying communities. All of these options are dependent upon interest, enrollment and fees. As we get more information we will keep you informed.

Staffing/Course offerings - Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy is NOT CUTTING PROGRAMS! We are actually adding a new course for 9th graders that will support them in study skills, test-taking and general responsibility for learning. We are still requiring credits in Art and Foreign Language and will continue to offer Intensives that supplement the credits with FINE ARTS, THEATER, MUSIC, PHYSICAL ED and OTHER UNIQUE OFFERINGS.

Extra-curricular - NELA has become an affiliate of Arizona Interscholastic Association and also Northern Arizona Athletic Association. These memberships will allow us to participate in SPORTS at a new level. We will be joining leagues with a collection of 12 small high schools in this area of the state to offer flag football (co-ed), basketball, cross country, volleyball, soccer, mountain biking, softball, golf and possibly track/field and other events. Keep an eye on the website for news about these opportunities. Yes... ATHLETICS IS UNFOLDING AT NELA.

This new charter school is ready to offer services to just 150 students in the Prescott area. Spaces are filling fast and waiting lists are beginning, so you'll want to make sure your child applies soon. Check the website at for details.

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