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State Officials Give PUSD Students a Break

05 February 2010  

ADE excuses PUSD students from recent snow day absences. No extra class days will be added for making up lost time.

playinginsnowStudent absences resulting from late January snow storms will be handled differently than they have in the past, according to Prescott Unified School District Superintendent Kevin Kapp.

"We've been informed by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) that since Yavapai County was classified as being in a state of emergency, the school district will not need to make up the two snow days," Kapp said. "This means that we will not need to have school on either the Friday before Easter or the Friday of the last week of school."

Tentative plans initially called for scheduling these additional class days to make up for lost time in classrooms but ADE officials decided the weather was so severe that the safest option for parents was to keep their children home, warm and safe.

"We will not need to make up the two snow days from Jan. 21 or Jan. 22. Technically, all students are being marked absent for those two days but these absences will not detrimentally affect their attendance records," Kapp said. "If we do have any further snow days, please refer to the back of the school calendar in terms of how we will make up those snow days."

Depending on weather conditions or other emergency situations, a decision must be made regarding school closures or delays early that morning, Kapp said.
Prescott Unified School District officials will decide on one of the plans listed below, but if weather conditions worsen, a two-hour delay could be changed to a school closing day.

Please monitor Prescott eNews, your favorite local radio station or the PUSD website Delays/Closures Page during the morning for any updates or changes.

"We are planning on utilizing the district's new phone/email communication program, Edu-Link, to contact families the evening before a possible closure or delay to remind families of an inclement weather situation," Kapp added.

Students and district employees will stay home and not attend school. Extra-curricular activities for the district will be determined later in the day, in accordance with weather conditions. Please check the local radio stations or the school district's webpage for this information. Kids and Company child care will also be closed.


General Information:
All schedules will begin two (2) hours later.
Regular classes will begin two hours later than usual.
Buses will arrive at the bus stops two (2) hours later than usual.
(For example, a bus pick-up time of 6:35 a.m. becomes an 8:35 a.m. pick-up time.)

Dismissal of school in the afternoon will be at the regular time.

Preschool, Kindergarten & Elementary Information:
Morning Discovery Gardens Preschool will NOT be held.
Afternoon Discovery Gardens Preschool will be in session.
Discovery Gardens extended preschool will open at 9:00 a.m.
Kindergarten will be in session according to the shortened schedule.
Before-school breakfast will NOT be served.

Kids and Company Child Care Information:
Kids and Company Child Care will open at 8:00 a.m. at the four elementary school sites (Taylor Hicks, Washington, Miller Valley and Lincoln).

Middle Schools and High School Information:
Early Bird classes at Granite Mountain Middle School, Prescott Mile High Middle School and Prescott High School will NOT be held.

Before-school breakfast will NOT be served.

"The Prescott Schools are concerned about the safety of all and unnecessary loss of school time. Decisions to close or not to close school are made very early in the morning, before daylight," says Kapp. "Be assured that any decision to close or delay school is carefully considered and made only after evaluating all available up-to-date information and reports. Your cooperation with these plans will be greatly appreciated.

"Please be aware that the district boundaries include varying terrain and elevations that will affect the decision to delay or cancel school," Kapp said. "In advance, thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call your School Principal or the District Office.

Prescott eNews immediately posts school and business closures as soon as the information comes in.