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PHS Students Vote For a Hometown Graduation

29 March 2009  

Prescott High School students have voted to hold their graduation on the football field rather than at Tim's Toyota Center.

graduationAfter a meeting between the administration and students at Prescott High School (PHS), the decision was made to allow the Seniors to vote on their graduation location. According to Jeff Adams, the Student Body President, that vote took place last week, and the ballots were counted on Friday.

PHS administration originally contemplated holding graduation ceremonies at Tim's Toyota Center for the second year in a row because of construction projects scheduled to begin in May on the PHS campus. The most significant of those projects is the resurfacing of the concrete bleachers at the football field. However, this plan did not meet with the approval of many of the parents and students. (See: Where Will PHS Students Hold Their Graduation?)

"The votes came in for the graduation," Adams said. "It was 230 to 121 in favor of Prescott. So, graduation this year will be at the High School."

Adams explained the process, "Seniors voted in History classes. But it was a senior vote, and it did come out a majority, so graduation will be held at the High School this year."

Adams said he wouldn't have minded either outcome, since there were good reasons for both. But, he thought that allowing the students to have input as to where their graduation would be held was important. "We really thank the administration for listening to what we wanted. We know that they do have projects they wanted to do this summer, but we are just glad that graduation is where the students wanted it to be."

"That was a really unusual step for the administration to let us vote on it," Adams pointed out. "I don't think it's ever happened before. It was kind of interesting this year, they definitely did feel that it was important for students to be able to vote where they had their graduation, so that's a first."

Adams said that the students wanted to be involved in the graduation planning in other ways, too. "We just hope that if there's anything we can do to help out the administration, we really wanted to do that for graduation as well. Maybe bring in some bleachers from around the county or stuff like that. We're just thankful that we got a voice in it."

What about the weather? Well, Adams is hoping that the students can take care of that too, "As for the weather? Well, we just won't let it rain! That works!" Adams said with a grin.

According to DCourier, however, in an article written by Paula Rhoden, PHS Principal McCraley has another plan in mind. "McCraley said she has informed seniors that in case of inclement weather, Plan B is to 'conduct graduation at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 23.'"


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