Today: Jun 04 , 2020

In seeking a mutual solution for pressing issues, Prescott Unified School District considers partnering with soon-to-be neighbor, Maverik. 

Arizona Weekly Fuel Update and Outlook

Arizona gas prices rose slightly, but are still lower than much of the nation.

Arizona Gas Prices Rise A Couple of Cents

Gas Prices Rise in AZ and Nation

Most of the Country Will Spend Much of the Summer in the $2’s this Year

Gas Prices Take Slight Dip

Gas Prices Rose 1¢ Last Week

Gas prices inched up on average about 1¢ last week
Gas prices didn’t move last week, with an average of $2.13 per gallon for regular. 

Gas Prices Continue Upwards Trend

Prices are 27.7¢ higher than they were a month ago

Arizona Gas Prices on the Upswing

Prices jumped 8.2¢ in Arizona over the last week, but they’re still lower than historic prices over the last 5 years.

Gasoline: Up 14.1¢ This Week

 Prices Have Risen 53.3¢ in the Last Month

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