Today: Mar 31 , 2020

You can't sue your former employer just because you're mad.

Superintendent Douglas Backs Attorney General’s Lawsuit Against ABOR for Unconstitutional Tuition Hikes  

AG Brnovich Files Lawsuit Against Arizona Board of Regents for Unconstitutional Tuition Hikes

During a press conference held in his office, local Attorney Chris Jensen announced he had filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mary Beth Hrin, mayoral candidate for the City of Prescott. 

Hrin: Statement About Lawsuit & Flyers

Dark Money Corrupts Mayor Election

The Michigan-based Mandatory Poster Agency, which operated in Arizona under the unregistered trade name “Corporate Records Service,” sent nearly 65,000 deceptive solicitations to Arizona businesses in 2013

Order Resolves AZGFD Lawsuit Against U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Settlement Reached in SB 1070 Lawsuit

A settlement has been reached in the SB 1070 lawsuit.

Anna Wayman-Trujillo filed a lawsuit in Federal Court on Wednesday against the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors.

Plaintiffs Respond to Completion of Oral Arguments in Lawsuit Against Recreational Marijuana Initiative

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