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Sports Season Gets Underway!

06 April 2018   Prescott Recreation Services

It’s time to ride, hike and play ball!

What is a multi-purpose use field? A multi-purpose use field is one that is utilized to accommodate more than one sport on any particular field, which allows for increased participation and revenues. The City of Prescott has a number of multi-purpose fields that are used for a variety of youth and adult sports leagues, tournaments, events, and youth club teams that conduct many activities throughout the year. 

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is primarily a softball complex for youth and adult slow  pitch and fast pitch leagues and tournaments, the fields are also used  for youth baseball, football, and soccer. From February through August,  the fields are used primarily for softball, but are transformed for youth  soccer, baseball and football tournaments throughout the summer. From  From May through August the City conducts slow pitch softball leagues  Monday through Friday evenings for 140 plus adult teams and hosts  multiple youth fast pitch and adult slow pitch tournaments over the  weekends. In September, the fields are prepared to accommodate over  1,000 youth soccer players who are members of our co-sponsored AYSO Soccer Club for practice and games through the end of November with Pioneer Park their primary location. 

1200 Commerce Drive, Prescott

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is another site with four fields that hosts a variety of sporting  user groups, events, and tournaments. Although primarily for youth  softball and soccer, it also extends its use for specialty events such as an  Over the Line softball tournament and marching band training for  competition, requiring a football field layout. These fields are also used for  club teams to practice, but this complex also services larger  events in conjunction with Pioneer Park and other single area fields for  tournaments. Heritage Park is the primary home for the Prescott Girls  Softball Association for their entire program, including practices and games  from March through May. 

1497 Heritage Park Road, Prescott

Roughrider Park
aka: Bill Vallely Upper & Lower Fields

Roughrider Park, (photo left) also known as Bill Vallely Upper and  Lower fields are the primary home for Prescott Little League and the  Yavapai College Softball program. These fields are also used  throughout the summer for girls fast pitch tournaments. 

621 North Washington Avenue, Prescott

Ken Lindley Field

Historic Ken Lindley Field  services the Yavapai College soccer  team for their home matches and  practices. It also hosts adult city  leagues for Women’s 11” Slow pitch and Men’s Wooden Bat Fast Pitch.  Throughout the year it is also used for youth baseball, soccer and softball  tournaments. 

702 E. Gurley Street, Prescott

Kuebler Field

Kuebler Field is primarily utilized as a baseball facility but has been used for soccer tournaments and dog agility training in the outfield grass. 

1185 Commerce Drive, Prescott

The City believes in maximizing the amount of activities and events for athletes of all ages and the various sports they enjoy. We are always looking for additional opportunities to utilize these multi-purpose fields and generate revenues through leagues, tournaments and practice rentals. 

The key to operating successful multi-use fields is the  dedicated parks staff who tirelessly works hard to transition these  fields from one sport to the other throughout the year. Putting up  portable fencing for youth softball and baseball, painting specific field  dimensions for soccer and football are just a few adjustments that are  constantly made throughout the Sporting Events Calendar to  accommodate over 37 various sporting events that take place from  February to November. 

If you have any interest in utilizing any of our City of Prescott athletic  fields for conducting a practice, hosting a tournament or simply  joining any of Prescott’s youth or adult sports programs, please  contact the Recreation Services office at 928 777-1122 for information. 

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