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Child of the Week: Meet Ariana

20 December 2008   Laura Oliver/Big Brothers Big Sisters
A terrific smile and dimples, Ariana has it all, except a Big Sister!

childweekbows2 Child of the Week is a regular feature in cooperation with Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, which provided the information about this week’s “Little.” YBBBS currently has many children waiting for adults to step forward and become mentors. At present, our greatest need for “Bigs” is in Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.

We would all like to make a difference; sometimes it’s difficult to see how you can make the biggest difference. When you are a volunteer Big Brother, Sister, Couple, or Family, you don’t just make a difference, YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE THAT MATTERS MOST. You can make a significant difference in a child’s life in as little as four hours a month, and the rewards are more than you could ever imagine!


Ariana is a five-year-old kindergarten student who has a sunny disposition and a terrific smile, complete with dimples. She lives with her three older brothers and her extraordinarily busy father. Due to the lack of a female presence, Ariana would greatly benefit from the placement of a fantastic Big Sister - such as you, perhaps?

Like most little girls, she loves to play dress-up with pretty, sparkly bows and shiny nail polish. She especially loves lip-gloss, and her all-time favorite color is pink. She likes coloring and playing with ink stamps.

Ariana makes friends easily and has many at school. She also enjoys kindergarten and thinks her teacher is really nice. Although she throws amazing tea parties and loves to play house, her brothers don't really enjoy those things, so she would really love to have a Big Sister around just to make imaginary tea and sandwiches for. What could be better than that?

Also, she would like a Big Sister to learn how to bake cookies and cakes and do "girl stuff" with. She has made macaroni and cheese with her dad before, so maybe she could show a Big Sister a thing or two in the kitchen!

She also loves going to the park that is just a few blocks from her house, where she can slide and swing and act like a "silly monkey."

Ariana's father sees a great need for a Big Sister in the life of his daughter, and hopes that this program will benefit her with the attention she deserves. Every little girl needs a Big Sister to show her how wonderful being a girl can really be. Maybe you could be the female influence that Ariana needs. In just a few hours a week or month, you could be the positive influence in her life. Why not call YBBBS today and take the first step to the rewards of being a Big?

Hundreds of girls and boys are seeking a caring, responsible adult to help them find life's best paths - more enroll every day. Please call today at 778-5135. Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters is changing the way children grow up in our community!

Mentoring is the single most effective, positive way to influence the life of at-risk youth, youth with a few obstacles in their way. Find out how easy it is to watch a "Little" go a long way! Visit our website or call YBBBS at 928-778-5135 today!