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YHS announces Back in Black Adoptathon

08 October 2012   Ed Boks

Unconditional love is priceless; but you don't have to go into the red to find it.  

During the YHS "Back in Black" adoption event in October you can pick your price to adopt any black dog or cat!

Black pets have so many different personalities, but they are often overlooked for adoption; but why?  There are two theories.

  • Black pets are harder to photograph well; because their eyes are close to the color of their fur, their facial expressions and personalities don't always shine through in pictures. Since many adopters "meet" their new best friends online, that's a real disadvantage.
  • There are also superstitions and negative stereotypes about black cats and dogs that simply aren't true. Just ask anyone who loves their beautiful black dog or cat! They'll tell you about all the wonderful qualities their pets possess and that they wouldn't trade them for anything.

"Back in Black" is all about encouraging people to give these animals a second look and a second chance.  After all, the color of a pet's fur has no relationship to his or her ability to provide unconditional love, companionship, devotion and affection.

With so many pets to choose from you're bound to find the perfect match for you!  Here are just a few who are available right now:


Ebony is a black beauty with a sleek fur coat and a winning personality.  She is an unassuming nice girl who likes to give and get attention; she will steal your heart.


Blacky is a big boy and a sweetheart.  He is a lover boy who is going to steal your heart when you meet him; he loves attention.


Gismo is a beautiful calico who would love to go home with you; she is an affectionate and loving cat who likes to talk and tell stories.


Happy is best described by his name; he is not only affectionate but loves to cuddle after a hard day of playing with toys.  He is still young so he will definitely need a lot of activity to keep him out of trouble.


Jazz is a beautiful tortoiseshell; she is a mellow older girl who is ready to curl up on your lap and watch TV with you or watch as you enjoy a cup of tea while reading the paper.


Zora is a playful little girl who needs a lot of exercise and play time.  She is a cute little fur ball who doesn't quite know the ropes and needs a friend to give her lots of loving and plenty of toys to keep her occupied.


Drummer adores people and loves to be included in your activities and excursions!  He is highly receptive to obedience requests, calms easily and comes when called.  He can live well with other dogs after proper introductions and requires a secure fence.  Drummer is a faithful companion for an active family.


Peppermint Patty seems calm and reserved until you bring out the rope toy…  She enjoys being silly and playful, but won't wear you out like a younger dog. She's a happy, well-mannered gal with soft tail wags and considerate boundaries during play, who settles easily too! 


Steve is a dapper fellow with a complacent demeanor; he's a smooth walker on a leash; and very engaging with people; he is happy to make sure you're in close proximity and will cuddle in close for petting. 


Onyx is great for an active home with children; he is a cute character who would also be a nice buddy for your other pet. Onyx is a true treasure and he's anticipating making your acquaintance; visit him today!


Foo-Foo is a sweet, but shy girl who would benefit from confidence building exercises and leash training.  She would do well in a family with older respectful children and possibly another pet with proper introduction.


Lacey is a considerate, mature offspring and potentially another family pet are the preferred housemates for this coy beauty. Lacey is warm and friendly and enjoys petting and treats. She meets other canines kindly and playfully rolls over on her back to reciprocate polite greetings. Lacey tends to walk slow and close by her handler and check on them regularly.


Wayne is a friendly and fun guy with an even keel energy during play and settles nicely afterward; he would make a great pal for older considerate children and another dog friend, but no kitties please.


Jaeger is a high energy puppy that would benefit from lead training and confidence building exercises.  Jaeger loves to play and will join in with running and jumping; and he's easily corrected.  Jeager would do well in a home with children and probably another family pet with proper introduction.