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Foster Homes Needed for Kittens and Puppies

21 January 2012   Krys Krystosek

There's a need for puppy and kitten foster homes.

Kitten and puppy season is still about two months away, but United Animal Friends (UAF) foster homes are already crawling with litters of little fur babies.  

UAF is in need of people who can foster puppies, kittens and litters, as well as adult dogs and cats. 

Fostering pets in a home environment teaches them what they need to know to fit into a forever home. Homeless animals are socialized, taught manners, and are exposed to conditions that will lead to successful adoptions. 

UAF is looking for households with space to foster a cat, dog, puppy, kitten, or litter.  Interested individuals should leave their name, phone number, and message on the UAF hotline, 778-2924 or contact UAF Volunteer Coordinator Jann at 759-3848 or  

UAF has a mentoring program to assist foster parents. New volunteers will be given support and help needed to be a successful, effective, foster parent or family.

The number of dogs and cats UAF can save is determined by the number of foster homes that are available.  One of the most satisfying things as a volunteer is to see your foster dog or cat find a wonderful permanent home. 

Anyone interesting in helping should call the UAF hotline at 778-2924.  New volunteers will receive training and mentoring to become a foster parent or family.