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KYCA & KAHM to be Sold to the Cesar Chavez Foundation Farmworker Education

01 October 2017  

The Cesar Chavez Foundation Farmworker Educational Radio Network plans to acquire KAHM & KYCA for $2.5M.

According to RadioInsight and All Access Music Group, local Prescott radio stations KYCA and KAHM will be sold to the Cesar Chavez Foundation’s Farmworker Educational Radio Network through a new holding company called the Phoenix Radio Broadcasting, LLC.

"Phoenix Radio Broadcasting will pay $1.7 million for KAHM and K269EE and $800,000 for co-owned KYCA/K246BI/K278CN. KAHM holds a Construction Permit to relocate to Spring Valley AZ from the tower utilized by Riviera Broadcasting’s “Power 98.3” KKFR Mayer with 25.5kW/852m that requires the move of 94.3 KBUX Quartzsite AZ to 96.5 (now completed) and 101.9 KVGG Salome to 96.5. The buyer will also take on the costs of those moves,” RadioInsight reports.

KAHM (102.1 FM) started in September, 1981, with a broadcasting signal of 1000 watts. In the early '90’s the radio station expanded its signal to 58,000 watts, able to serve northern and central Arizona, including the metropolitan Phoenix market. KAHM, is one of the last stations using the “Beautiful Music” format, broadcasting 24/7.

KYCA (1490 AM and 103.5 FM) went on the air in 1940. KYCA was owned by KTAR as of 1944, but purchased in 1970 by the Silverstein family. KYCA began transitioning to full-time news-talk radio in 1988, starting with the Rush Limbaugh Show, adding in Dr. Dean Edell a few years later and eventually broadcasting shows such as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and Lars Larson. The KYCA signal is at 1,000 watts.

The Cesar Chavez Foundation’s Farmworker Educational Radio Network & Radio Campesina

Currently, the Cesar Chavez Foundation’s Farmworker Educational Radio Network has an eight-station network in four states. Called, “Radio Campesina,” the Cesar Chavez Foundation explains it’s mission like this:

“By entertaining, educating and spurring its largely immigrant and first-generation listeners to actively participate in their communities, Radio Campesina is more than a series of radio stations. It is owned by Latinos, ran by Latinos and for the benefit of Latinos. It also serves as a way to reach the Latino community and as a bridge between Latinos and the larger community in which they live. Radio Campesina provides communities with an independent voice and generates widespread local participation and community support among listeners.”

Recently, Radio Campesina moved their network operations from Bakersfield to Phoenix, in order to be better positioned as a national Latino broadcast operation based in an area with a large and growing Latino population.

Other Radio Campensina stations include:

KNAI Phoenix 88.3 FM
KCEC Yuma 104.5 FM
KSEA Salinas 107.9 FM
KBHH Fresno 95.3 FM
KUFW Visalia 107.9 FM
KMYX Bakersfield 92.5 FM
KRCW Washington 96.3 FM
PULSE Las Vegas 96.7 FM

Radio Campesina explains it’s musical programming:

"Popular regional Mexican music. It's a staple of Radio Campesina, attracting a large audience for the network's educational programming. Campesina is a radio network that features old and current hits from hard core nortena music that comes from Northern Mexico as well as the popular banda, durangense, ranchera and cumbia music. Because of the farm worker movement - commitment to nonviolence, Campesina does not play the violent narco corridos, ballets that romanticize the pervasive drug trade. Instead, the network broadcasts corridos with a socially conscious narrative that address social and political injustice and problems confronting immigrants in the U.S. Even through the music it broadcasts, Campesina seeks to aid and empower the communities it serves. The network is a leading edge provider of popular Mexican music. It knows what community needs and wants, and designs its musical programming to fulfill those needs.”

Transfer of ownership

At the time of this writing, the final date for the transfer of ownership has not yet been announced. There is also no information on any potential formatting and programming decisions.

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