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In Tele-Town Hall, Rep. Kirkpatrick says Congress must make tough choices to restore fiscal discipline. More than 3,200 join “Your Issues, Your Voices” discussion on fiscal responsibility.

Includes video. A new direction is in the air for Prescott. It's a direction that leads back to home.

In today's Prescott City Council meeting, about five new items will be discussed, with an Executive Session to be held afterwards.

Judge Shedden has ruled in favor of the Prescott and Prescott Valley plan to import water from the Big Chino sub-basin to reach safe yield.

Most Prescott Valley Civic Center operations will now be available only Monday - Thursday, according to Town Manager Larry Tarkowski.

If a downed high-voltage power line injures an APS employee, who comes to the rescue: APS or Emergency First Responders? Answer: Yes.