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Your Aunt Edna from Maine emails a photograph of two scuba diving tourists with a huge shark behind them just before your vacation to Florida. You immediately check it out on When your car insurance bill goes up 37 cents, you call the insurance company. You carefully watch MythBusters to see if you can beat traffic surveillance cameras by speeding faster than the camera can click.
The Town of Prescott Valley Parks & Recreation Department is excited to announce the Grand Opening of the new and improved Skate and Bike Park on Saturday, November 3 at 11:00am!

There's a $50,000 scholarship out there just for Arizona students. It's called the Flinn Scholarship. And if you want to apply, now's the time to start polishing up your application package.


The Town of Prescott Valley would like to thank everyone for being patient as work continues on the Robert Road Improvement Project that extends from Loos Drive to Spouse Drive.
There are several scholarships out there which are specifically created for students whose parents are not college graduates. Known as “First Generation College Students”, these students have the opportunity to take advantage of an “edge” over students whose parents did graduate from college.
The Town of Prescott Valley Parks & Recreation Department invites everyone to celebrate Gold Fever Daze at Fain Park, 2200 North 5th Street in Prescott Valley on Saturday, October 13, 2007. No entrance fee! Souvenirs and refreshments will be available for purchase.