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The Balanced Care Method: Physical Activity

Keeping Active Is Important for Everyone Regardless of Age or Ability

Lunch & Learn at the Prescott Athletic Club

You Know You’re Going to Make a Resolution This Year….

The Balanced Care Method: A Healthy Diet

Because Health-Span Is as Important as Lifespan

Fifteen Years Ago, There Were Only a Few Rehabilitation Centers in Prescott but the Town’s Climate and Its Rustic Landscape Was a Draw for Addicts Across the Country

Know the Prescott Plow Route

A new webpage at the City of Prescott explains the snow removal efforts.

How to Manage Role Reversal When Caregiving

The Role Reversal that Takes Places with Aging Parents Can be Challenging

SR 89 reduced to one lane; expect delays up to 15 minutes

During the Holidays Our Internal Homing Devices Kick in and We Want to Go Home

Local High School Student Chosen for Next Level in Prestigious Scholarship Program

If You Are a Caregiver, It’s Time to Make Work/Life Balance Part of Your Daily Existence

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